Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Yanbian University & Study in ybu

Application and Entry Procedures

Application Method 1

1. Applicants should submit the Application Form For International Students to Study in YBU and other required documents to the Foreign Students Office in person or by post mail during the application period. In the meanwhile, applicants should pay the application fee via wire transfer or submit it at the office.
Name of Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Yanbian Branch
Account Number: 6222 0208 0800 4592 560
Name of Receiver: QUAN ZAI HUA
Please send your receipt of payment by email or Fax to us.

2. After evaluating the application documents, Foreign Students Office will send out the Letter of Admission, JW202 and Enrollment Rules.

3. After receiving the Letter of Admission and JW202 form, admitted applicants should go to the designated hospitals to accept the physical examination. Then please submit result of physical examination, the Letter of Admission, JW202 form, Passport and other required documents to Chinese Embassy or Consulate in order to apply for the X visa.

4. Admitted applicants should register before the beginning of semester with relevant documents and pay the tuition fee, teaching materials fee and other fees.

Application Method 2

1. Required documents can be also submitted by fax or by email.

2. After evaluating application documents, Foreign Students Office will send out the Letter of Admission to the admitted applicants by fax or by email. After receiving the admission letter, admitted applicants should apply for the L visa with duration of at least one month which should cover two or three weeks after the beginning of the semester and register at the Foreign Students Office one week before the beginning of semester.

3. After registration,students should receive the physical examination (Students will be deprived of the matriculation qualification, if the physical examination result is abnormal.) and apply for X visa.

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